The Walk so Far

Hello World,

Initial Rant

So here i am writing my first blog post. Just some seconds before i started typing i kept wondering if i really should be doing this.What do i have to add in this endless sea of blogs?

There are countless brilliant people that are already blogging about most of the things that i want to write about…Most likely several thousand people have already typed similar first posts to what i am typing this exact moment.

But then again who cares? Even if what i am gonna be writing about makes sense to me and at least one more person i will consider this whole process a success.

What is this post?

Basically this is an extended about me post.Something to help me ease into this process.I have decided to blog once a week for the next two months.I don’t know if this is the “right” amount of blogging but at the moment i am super busy with the actual main theme of the blog which is learning web development with Ruby On Rails.¬† So for now blogging once per weak should be more than¬† enough.

Do i know enough Rails?

I asked myself the same question two weeks ago i was at the point that i really had started feeling confident. I had a firm grasp of the basics and i was feeling like a real badass with rails.I started a new course on rails and after i rampaged through the first sessions reassuring myself that i know this stuff,i was helping other “Noobs” at the forums and feeling proud of myself and then…..Boom… The course introduced an app that heavily integrated javascript and ajax and i got destroyed…

So basically no…I don’t know enough rails.I am not yet a web developer since i don’t know many basic technologies but i am gonna make it happen.I am gonna stay consistent with my studying, i am gonna be bold enough to try and get my first freelance clients based on the things i have a firm grasp on. This post is what i am gonna be looking back and proudly see how far i have walked.

For now i want to embrace the fact that i am a noob and i will try to drill on simple or complex issues and my first concern will be to make it simple enough for newcomers to understand these issues rather than trying to impress someone who already knows more than me.

I don’t want to push it anymore today.I want to try and get my first technical post out next week.
Maybe i will even update this post at some point but it already felt great writing even this very simple text.


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