The Free Code Camp

Greetings Geeks,

I have been super busy this past week sharpening my front-end skills and really going hard on javascript and jQuery.I finally spent some time cleaning up this site because it was looking horrible.I feel better about it now and learned some useful things about wordpress as well!It is actually not that smart being a web developer that has a blog that looks completely terrible,even though the initial plan was to make it in WP so i would focus on blogging instead of messing around with the website.I also created my upwork acount as well today and i am ready to start making proposals!

The Free Code Camp

The main reason that i was busy especially during the weekend is the Free Code Camp.Free Code camp is a very intense online curriculum for full-stack web developers.As an organisation they focus on helping non-profits with their coding needs.Provided that you do well and complete the rigorous assignments, the general idea is that you will end up helping non-profits in real life projects which is very interesting

You go through front-end web development first where you tackle several projects and work on algorithms which is very nice of them.I really believe that newcomers to the field tend to ignore the fact that algorithms are needed and many online courses tend to ignore that as well from what i have seen. I went through the first basic set of algorithms and they were interesting and for a newbie they are really challenging.I am looking forward to the second set which i expect to really start challenging me. Since we are talking about algorithms you can check Project Euler and CodeWars but beware both these sites don’t really hold your hand. Codewars is more beginner friendly i think and you can write the code on the site itself on embedded versions of vi and emacs. Project Euler on the other hand just gives you the problem and you can just solve it however you want.

Back to the free code camp now.It focuses on Javascript stack not exactly the MEAN stack(mongo,express,angular,node) because they recently replaced angular with react from what i have seen but it is MEAN enough. I am really interested in exploring this stack as well but for now i will focus on the front-end part which has a lot of projects to work with and tons of algorithm practice.Other things i liked about Free Code Camp is that it is community focused and from the start it introduces you to chat rooms and has facebook groups per city.Pair programming is also encouraged which is really cool in my opinion.I intend to start posting on my Athens city group and maybe get in touch with some people.

I won’t spend more time this week because i really have to get back to coding.I will also attend an angular js meetup this week but i have no idea about angular.I just want to get to know some new people and learn some stuff about angular as well.Having some beer also sounds nice !

I will be back next week or i will post something after the meetup is done because this was a bit sort article

Happy coding

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