My progress through Free Code Camp!

Hello Everybody,

General Progress

It has been a while since I got a chance to write my Blog and the main reason is Free Code Camp.

I have been so heavily engaged into it,solving algorithms and tackling the Front End projects that I barely had any time to do anything else.

First of all I am very happy because I am really getting a grasp of how front end works,after all the initial drive to go through free code camp was exactly this: Understand the main technologies and main challenges of Front End Web Development.

I feel way more comfortable with html css and bootstrap and I really begin to admire everyone who is really really good with these basic technologies.
The other thing that I was not really expecting is that javascript is really growing into me and I am really happy that I am spending the time to learn this language.

I really want to go deep with javascript.As I have said in another post it just makes sense.There are so many technologies that javascript is a part of right now and the language itself is getting better with each version.

The following month I will be really going deep with javascript.I want to get comfortable with the hard parts of the language and the many big words it has.I expect that many of these big words will make great posts in their own right.

Community Progress

Another thing that made me really happy is that the Athens Free Code Camp community is really getting off the ground.We had our first meetup which was a simple “get to know each other” and we already plan our first “Coffee and Code”.We already have a great place to do our meetups which is the cube.The cube is a co-working space which also hosts various events and meetups.I just expect things to get better meetup after meetup.

My actual progress in numbers

I will close the post with my actual progress towards the Front End Certificate:

I have finished all the basic and intermediate algorithms.Some of the intermediate ones were really challenging and I expect to go back to some of them to give a better solution.

As far as projects go I have completed 6/10 and I am halfway through the 7th project.

All of the above happened in 30 days.I have challenged myself to complete the front end part of Free Code Camp until the end of March but to be honest if I work hard I expect to finish faster than that. After I am done I will give myself a full refactoring week to add additional features and further clean up my code.

Until the next time,


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