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So I am 3 projects away from earning my front-end development certificate.

I have been studying a lot and I have been using  different resources to hit things from as many angles as possible.

I am really serious about becoming a better developer and I have noticed that I do better if I have readily available resources to focus on once I am stuck with something for a big period of time.

Example: Last week I was focusing on API projects as my primary task.My secondary task was to go through an online course.The moment I got stuck with the projects for more than 30 minutes I would just go to the course and at least learn something new. Then I would take a small break and go back to the projects with a new perspective and a clear mind.

Free Code Camp has some amazing interactive resources to help you get started but I don’t believe that even the Free Code Camp people would be so arrogant as to think that they could teach everything through their platform.

Obvious Things

  1. MDN or Mozilla Developer Network.This is a great reference for the main technologies we use.HTML CSS Javascript .There are detailed examples that are very easy to follow.Free Code Camp will also send you there at some point.Good to be familiar with this one.
  2. JQuery official site. Detailed examples. A great reference when working with JQuery.
  3. StackOverflow People will laugh that I am putting stackoverflow here because it is considered really standard.Google will make a good job sending you here when you have issues.Keep in mind that most likely other people have been stuck to the exactly same issue you are stuck.
  4. The Free Code Camp chat rooms.People are amazing and they will really go above and beyond to help you.Just don’t be a bastard and try to help people as well !
  5. The Free Code Camp facebook groups. You will be among like minded people here. If your group can get up and running it could be a great place to learn from others and teach others as well



Codeacademy  has a similar feel to FFC interactive examples.

I believe that you don’t really develop your skills because you are not really challenged or stressed but it can help you get comfortable with syntax.

The production is really great. There are lessons for HTML , CSS , Javascript , JQuery,Git,Sql and more.

It also has a paid tier where you have access to some projects but we already have free code camp for this.



  1. FunFunFunction This guy focuses on javascript.The concepts that he talks about are not really for the complete beginner but he has a great sense of humor and he is able to communicate complex ideas rather easily.
  2. Derek banas This guy speaks fast  and covers a vast amount of topics.He has a series of “Learn this “technology” in one video” which is really good.His videos mostly should act as a reference because I think that you must possess great mental fortitude to go through of them.He also provides a cheat sheet and a reference to a usually great book about the topic at hand. I have found his two javascript videos very informative.
  3. thenewboston I have not had a real experience with this one but it always pops in many blogs or groups and it seems that it has a lot of subscribers and a great deal of content.
  4. Douglas Crockford. This guy always pops up so i figured I would mention him.He has some lectures lectures on Javascript that you can find on youtube and they are highly praised.

Of course there are countless hidden gems on youtube but most of the channels I have noticed are not consistent enough.



For many people nothing can replace a book.

I personally have abandoned the tactic to go through a book first and then try to get my hands dirty.I have found that the approach to learn just enough to get started is way  better for me.

Once I have a lot of questions I then go to books to get my questions answered.I feel I retain information much better this way.

don’t have any books to suggest for html and css because I never had the urge to go as deep but here are some javascript books:

  1. You Don’t Know JS series: This was brought to my attention by a fellow camper Nikos. This is an open source series of books that was funded by kickstarter and you can read it for free online.You can just browse the first intro book that is less than 100 pages long and see if fits you.It is highly praised in the community both for the quality of the material and for the unique way that it was published.
  2. Object-oriented JavaScript-Second Edtion: Suggested by Derek Banas(see youtube videos). Covers most of the aspects of oop JavaScript.Easy to read.
  3. Learning Javascript Design Patterns : Advanced book on design patterns
  4. Eloquent Javascript. Highly praised.Haven’t read it.
  5. Javascript Allongue 5th edition. Comes highly praised for the man the teaches the amazing udemy course I suggest below so it has to be good because he is awesome.

Price: Varies


Udemy is a great place but has so many courses that it is hard to choose from and it is not free.

The prices at first seem extreme ranging from 200-300 euros but fortunately it is usual practice to search for coupons online and end up getting them very cheap. Udemy also does sales for all courses and you can get them as  cheap as 12 euros which in my opinion is a great deal.

If I was to suggest one course for someone who is going through free code camp then it is the following:

The Web Developer Bootcamp  This course is what actually led me to Free Code Camp through the discussion board and I am really happy that it did.It covers all the front end stuff of FCC and also covers the backend part of it as well.
The instructor is simply put amazing.The material is great for a beginner,there are a lot of exercises and a lot of projects to work on as well.
Technologies covered:
  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  6. GIT
  7. NODE.JS
  10. MONGO DB
If you are a beginner and you can get this for 12 euros then please do it.I just can’t praise this enough.
Another course that is a bit advanced is called Understanding Javascript:The weird parts .
I would not suggest this to someone who has not solved several algorithms and in general had some actual practice with Javascript.
That person would not  be able to appreciate the thorough explanations than Antony Alicea gives about all the big words in Javascript.
Javascript can be frustrating and there are lot of WTF moments for a beginner.This guy loves javascript and if you wish to go deep with the language and like videos more than books I think that this is an amazing course for you.He is so confident that he has a 3.5 hour preview on youtube.
It is worth noting that he also has a node.js course.
Price: I would try to get whatever udemy course in one of the frequent 12 euro sales.Try not to pay more than 20 euros though.




They give a trial week.Then it is 25 euros a month for access to all the regular content.

Production is extremely good but I did not like workspaces very much.I went through the 6 hour Ajax course and it was very thorough.

Checked some videos in the css part as well and they were actually very thorough.

All I can say is check the free week and check your budget 😀

Price: 25E/month


Algorithms can go really deep.They are a science and an art.

Free Code Camp surprised me with the challenge the algorithms provided.

If you want more practice with algorithms there are some places to go:

  1. Codewars: Embedded editor and you are eased into it.It is always fun to see your solution versus the other solutions.
  2. Project Euler: Things here are rough.You can solve it however you want.All they want is a number. It starts hard.It gets harder
  3. CodeFights: Gamified.You don’t only solve algorithms but there are bugs and other things as well.There is a timer.You can go versus another coder.This is fun!

I don’t think that people that just started their coding journey will go so deep into algorithms but I still searched a bit and found a course.Free code camp also suggests a course on one of the newest videos they uploaded:

  1. Standford Course on youtube: I think that this was a coursera class as well.I have seen some of the first videos and the professor is cool!
  2. Princeton Class on coursera: Free Code Camp suggests this!


CSS Corner

By now you must have realized, that I am not the biggest styling fan since I have not many resources mentioned in my post.

Thankfully another camper,Golfo, came to the rescue and provided some helpful resources.You can find her blog here .

The resources are:

  1. CSS Reference on Github. This is very detailed and has also links to follow up. I really have to spend some real time on this because I still improvise with css !
  2. http://www.transparenttextures.com/  I am not artistic,I don’t understand, Help 🙁
  3. http://paletton.com/#uid=1000u0kllllaFw0g0qFqFg0w0aF  See description of the second item on the list
  4. 30 CSS selectors to memorise  A good article with some useful examples and some cool selectors




There are more resources and i have not  covered react.js and node.js that much because I am not  really engaged with them yet.

We live in a time that resources are abundant.

If you are serious about getting better don’t handicap yourself and try to go by with the bare minimum resources

This was a long article and probably I already lost you to the amazing resources above but that is ok.That was the point !


Happy Coding!
















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