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Software Developer,Athens,Greece
Passion For Software

Hello, my name is Christos and I was born in Athens-Greece many summers ago . Passionate about technology since I was a boy.

I chose the name Railswalker as a tribute to the first technology I encountered when I was starting my journey into Web Development:Ruby On Rails. I will be forever grateful to ruby because it is such a welcoming language and you really feel you accomplish a lot of things even as a beginner.

That being said my interests have grown. Through Free Code Camp I learned to love Javascript and the wild ecosystem that surrounds it.In my day job I am currently doing some cool things with .net core as well.C# is so fun!

Just recently I started volunteering some code for non profits on the weekends and also I really hope that I can commit to this blog.

Here you will find posts mostly about software development, the occasional rant and the occasional off topic post



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